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Resources for beginners

Is there a good book or online tutorial for beginners? I find that I need to do this better in order to progress, but I feel like I am missing something. So far, the material that I have read does not seem to explain things in a way that is working for me.

A fun "hunt & peck" online resource is webopedia.internet.com. Just type in various terms to see a straightforward definition.

Another comprehensive source for understanding data warehousing concepts is www.dwinfocenter.org. Of course, don't forgot all the resources that searchDatabase.com has.

Bill Inmon and Claudia Imhoff have written several books that provide straight forward explanations of WHAT data warehousing is all about.

I would also suggest surfing the net for consulting companies and data warehouse industry associations that have a place for requesting more information or just search for "online data warehousing tutorials." You'll find the industry is most accommodating when people are seeking to understand data warehouse concepts. We love to share our knowledge!

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