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Resources for OCP exams

I recently took the Oracle9i Fundamentals I OCP exam and missed passing by one question. I studied the Oracle 1Z0-031 exam guide (from Oracle Press) for four weeks in addition to my daily hands-on DBA experience. I found the exam to contain many questions that I had no idea about even with all the experience I thought I had. What resources would you suggest I use before taking the exam a second time?

There are lots of resources. I'm assuming that you already have looked at the Exam Cram books available on Oracle Press that covers this particular exam. Other resources include:

The Oracle Docs. I know everyone hates to read them. But everything you need to know is in there. I always become thoroughly familiar with the Oracle docs before I take one of the OCP exams.

You can also look at the Self Test Software (http://www.selftestsoftware.com). For about $100, you can get a CD with tons of practice questions on it. Once you learn all the answers to those questions, you should be ready to take the OCP exam.

Another good resource is a Web site called CramSessions (http://studyguides.cramsession.com/cramsession/oracle/default.asp). They have nice study guides for you to use.

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