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Resolving the "The instance Oracle VTDBS has been Terminated" error

I am running an Oracle database. Almost at midnight I get an error message "The instance Oracle VTDBS has been Terminated" on the server, and when I restart the system, the database runs fine. Could you please tell me how I can overcome this problem?

Something is bringing down your database. If it is occurring at the same time every day, then it sounds like this is being scheduled for automation. The first thing I'd do is to see what is being scheduled to run. If you are on Windows, then check 'at' or the scheduler. If you are on Unix, then check cron. See if you can find out what is being started.

Another thing to look at is your logs. Check the Alert Log (located in BACKGROUND_DUMP_DEST). Also check for any process logs in the same directory. See if there are error messages which would give you any indication.

There are simply too many possibilties why a database would be brought down. You'll have to do some digging to figure out why.

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