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Resolving the ORA-01034 error

A week after installing Oracle 8i, I tried to use it with my old service name, and I got the ORA-01034 error message.

I installed Oracle8i through OUI. After installing, I created a service name as oratest, and then I logged in using system/manager. Everything was fine. Then I closed all the windows. At last I shut down my machine. The problem is after one week, I was trying to use Oracle with my old service name, and it was giving the following error message. What could be the problem?

 Connecting...ORA-01034: ORACLE not available
My platform is Windows 2000 Professional. The database name is oratest. Service name is also oratest The host id is pepsi. I know database_name and service_name should not be the same, but if it's like this, why did it allow me to log in to the Oracle databases the first time after installation? I tried to create a new service with another name, and again it gave the error.

You are getting the ORA-1034 error because your database is down. You will need to start it in order to access it. Go to Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Services. Look for the service OracleServiceSID, where SID is your database identifier. Start this service. This will start your database.

Next, you need to find out why the service was not up and running. While looking at the services, make sure that this service is set to Autostart. This way, when you reboot your machine, the database will start automatically. If this is already the case, then examine the contents of your alert log to see why the database is down.

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