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Resolving error 00222

EXP-10000 and EXP-00222 Error Messages:

One of my customers suddenly (according to him) stopped to use EXP and IMP utilities and now the system shows those above two messages. Also, the error message database is not able to show those error meanings, and only it says that the messages file can not be found in the Oracle system. Fortunately for him, its intance is working fine and the rest of utilities work perfect.

I suspect that some files have been deleted but I do not exactly which ones.

The error messages manual do not mention not even the 00222 number error, and now I am stuck without knowing to do. Also The alert-log file was cleaned recently as to put more taste to this problem. Do not ask me about tracelog files because of these files only show another ora errors.

Nevertheless, we increase the cursor parameter (from 50 to 100), because one of those ora error, and also because exp and imp utilities use them but the results were negative.

Could you please give any advice about what is going on with this Oracle RDBMS?

Oracle RDBMS Version: 7.3.4 - ( I already know it,Oracle Desupported)
Operating System: Unixware 2.1.3 ( I already know it, SCO desupported)
Server: AQUANTA DS/6 from Unisys

Unfortunately, without the complete error messages, I can't help you out much. The 222 error is described as follows:

EXP-00222: "error on row %lu of table %s, column %s, datatype %lu" Cause: Error encountered while fetching or writing the column. Action: Note the error message that follows and take appropriate action.

So, as you can see, we need the full error message and what the EXP-10000 message says in order to be able to diagnose this problem.

For example, let's say the full message was "EXP-00222 System error message 28". System error message 28 means there is no space left on device. Check "/usr/include/sys/errno.h" to see what system code means. #define ENOSPC 28 /* No space left on device */

On Unix system the file "errno.h" is a good starting point to translate the system error number into a short word. Normally, each Unix system call can return a number of error codes For the correct interpretation of the ENOSPC, one should know the Unix function call made, but in this case it is obvious that EONSPC indicates there there is no space left on the device.

See if you can't gather some more info about the specific error messages and go from there!

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