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Resolving an IMP-00002 error

I tried to import .dmp file with the following command:

imp system/[email protected] file=ADQORA2J.dmp.dmp full=y touser=scott

and I got an error:

Connected to: Personal Oracle8i Release - Production
With the Partitioning option
JServer Release - Production

IMP-00002: failed to open adqora2j.dmp for read
Import file: EXPDAT.DMP >

I am sure that the path is correct, and the file is not read-only. Any ideas?

Your imp statement you list showed ADQORA2J.dmp.dmp is that correct? All I can tell you is to make sure that it is spelled exactly the same (including case if you're in a Unix environment) and that since you're not giving it a complete path, it must be in the directory from which you are executing the imp command.

Also make sure the permissions on the file are correct so that you can access it from the user you are logged in as. For instance, if you logged in as user1 and the dmp file is owned by another user/group to which you don't have access, it could cause this problem.

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