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Requirements for upgrade to 9i

We are upgrading the Oracle database from 8i to 9i. Can you help me with what I need to take care from application side, and also what are additional hardware or memory requirements for 9i? Our production database has 5,000 to 6,000 users connecting.
The application requirements depend entirely on the application. There's no way I can tell you what to look for there. Obviously, your application has many users and is likely pretty large (many users create much data!). With those characteristics, you should have a test environment capable of containing all the data and you should thoroughly test the application after upgrading the database. I have been involved in many 8i to 9i upgrades where database performance was a big problem post-upgrade. With that many users, I'd highly suggest conducting load tests on the upgraded test database -- especially on the most heavily used parts of the application. A small decrease in performance multiplied by 5,000 can be a big problem.

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