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Replicating with master and snapshot sites on different Oracle versions

Can you tell me if replication with the master site on version 10 and the snapshot site on version 9 will work? Currently the master site is on 8.0.6, and the snapshot site is on 8.1.6.

Why? If your sites aren't at the same releases now and you're considering upgrading both sites, then you should upgrade them to the same release.

I remember seeing a MetaLink note quite a long time ago on replication compatibility between Oracle releases. From what I recall, I think that it depends on what type of replication you're using and whether or not updates happen at more than one node. You mention a snapshot site which suggests that you're not using multi-master replication, but you don't say whether or not your snapshot sites can be updated or not. You'll need to find the note to be sure, but compatibility may be different depending on whether or not the snapshot sites can be updated or are read-only.

If I were a gambling man, I'd bet that you'll have pretty good compatibility with read-only snapshots, especially if they are using complete refreshes (no snapshot logs on the master site). For any other combinations, I would keep my money in my pocket and start reading some documentation.

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