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Replicating transactional data from Oracle 9.2 RAC to SQL Server 7

I want to replicate data from Oracle 9.2 RAC on Linux to SQL Server 7.

I want to replicate data from Oracle 9.2 RAC on Linux to SQL Server 7. Could you help me as to what are the ways in which it is possible? I want to replicate transactional data.

To move data from Oracle to SQL Server, you'll need to use a product called Transparent Gateways. With Transparent Gateways, you set up a database link in your Oracle database to a non-Oracle database. The nice thing is that Oracle does not even need to know if the remote database is SQL Server, DB2, or anything else. Once you have that database link set up, you can write triggers to be fired when your tables change and push the data into SQL Server across the Transparent Gateway link.

There are 3rd party software solutions which can help as well. A quick search on Google should find them.

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