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Replicating data between sites

I had two clients working on Oracle8i. Every week I had to update one site backup to another site backup by using import and export. In this process, I had to delete current user at site number two and import .dmp file. I want to sync new rows and old rows, and keep new rows as added by site number two (i.e row sync).
I'm not sure what your question is here. If you want to keep old rows in one site and add new rows from another site, then export/import probably doesn't work the best. You can either employ Advanced Replication to replicate the data from one site to another. Or, you can move the data from one site to another through a database link. This can be automated with triggers or Materialized Views. If you choose to export/import, then you may not be able to import directly into the destination table. You may have to import into a staging table and the move the data over with DML commands.

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