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Replicating a database without Oracle Replication

We have a unique problem. We have to replicate the data from one Oracle database to another through a developed application. It should be live, like replication in Oracle. The Oracle database is on two different machines. The client doesn't want to implement Relication in Oracle. He dosent want to implement Parallel Server, and he doesn't want to implement fail safe using clustered concept. Is there any other way through which the data can be replicated at two machines for fail safe? This actually has to be developed using an application.

Oracle Replication would be the obvious choice for this type of implementation. But that option is not acceptable according to your requirements. You do have a few other options.

  1. You can write database triggers to move the updated data across a database link from the source to the destination database. If the data in the source database is updated, then the trigger fires and "replicates" the change in the destination database.
  2. You can use Oracle 9i's Data Guard to transport archived redo logs to the destination database. This will ship all changes to another server and apply those changes to that database.
  3. You may be able to use Transportable Tablespaces to unplug the tablespaces from the source database and plug them into the destination database. This option may not satisfy the requirements that you may not have outlined.
  4. Another option could be to use incremental exports and import the changes into the destination database.

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