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Replacing 8.1 datafile with 7.2 datafile

Is it possible to replace a datafile v. 8.1 with a datafile v.7.2? I have both DBs and I have to copy data from v7.2 to v.8.1. I have no time to do export and import.
I've never tried it, but I doubt that it will work. In version 8.0, Oracle changed the format of the ROWIDs and they may have also changed the format of the datafile headers (just guessing). In version 8.1, there were even more changes to the formats of tablespace records due to the availability of locally-managed tablespaces.

The ROWID change by itself shouldn't cause a problem since Oracle should automatically convert the old ROWIDs to the new format as it comes across them in the database. It's the other structures that I'd worry about.

Regardless of whether it "works" or not, I'm pretty confident that it would not be supported by Oracle, so you're headed into dark territory if maintaining Oracle support is important to you.

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