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Remote database connection

I need to connect a database located outside the country. How can I make that connection? I also need to import tables from that remote database--how do I do this?

You'll need to establish a connection to the server where your database is located. This will have to be done either by using a remote dial-in method or via the internet for instance. The computer on which the database resides must be accessible to you by some method in order for you to access the database. Once you have established a connection to the server, you will need to have Net8 installed and configured on your local computer. Net8 will establish a network connection and facilitate the transfer of data between your client session and the database.

You can use Net8 Assistant tool to help you with getting the connection to your database made. You'll need to know which network protocol is being used (i.e. TCP/IP, SPX, Named Pipes, etc). If using TCP/IP for instance, you'll need to know the hostname or IP Address of the database server computer, the TCP/IP port number (usually 1521 for Oracle databases), etc.

Once you have established your connection to the database server and configured Net8 appropriately, you will have a service name to which you can connect for any purpose. This could be a connection via SQL*Plus, DBA Studio, or any of the utilities such as export and import. The tools don't care where the database is. . . they just need to have a valid connection to be used.

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