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Reinstalled NT but lost Oracle 8

I have an Oracle 8 database installed on an NT 4 machine. Oracle setup was not at all proper--some tables were lying in system table space and some were in another table space with different datafiles.

One fine day my NT server was crashed, so I installed NT again but found that Oracle is not working, giving me the error of SGA.

I tried to install Oracle on a different computer and copied the datafiles to that computer, but that also failed.

Now I have all of my datafiles with me. Can I create a new database with the existing datafiles? Please let me know.

Since you had to reinstall your operating system, you'll likely have to reinstall the Oracle software. This is especially true of Windows OS platforms where Oracle stores a bunch of information in the Registry. This was likely wiped out when you reinstalled the OS. The only way to put the registry keys back in there for Oracle is reinstall the database (or recover from a backup).

Before you proceed, back up those datafiles!!!

After you've reinstalled the Oracle RDBMS software, you should be able to reuse your old datafiles for your database. Use the ORADIM utility to recreate the services you'll need for the database, copy the datafiles back to their original location, then startup the Oracle Services. This should restore your database.

Now after you've gone through all this mess, please be certain to implement and test a sound backup and recovery procedure so that you don't have to jump through these hoops in the future! And part of a sound backup and recovery procedure takes into account the OS as well as the database.

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