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Reducing time for full export

When I export my Oracle 8i production database, it takes around 20 hours. I am doing a full export right now. Can you suggest some changes to reduce this time or any alternate strategy?

The first thing to try is to use a direct export path by specifying DIRECT=Y. Alternatively, you can try to increase the default BUFFER setting to a much larger value (like 1 million bytes) to see if that helps. The BUFFER parameter is for conventional path exports, not direct path exports though.

You did not specify how big your database is or other specifics like your platform, CPU speed, number of physical disk devices, RAM, etc. All of these can play an important role in your export time. For instance, you probably won't be able to export an entire 10TB database in less than 20 hours. But a 100GB database should have no problems being exported in 20 hours.

Otherwise, you'll have to find out why your export process is taking so long. This means you'll have to start your export, then find your export session in V$SESSION. Once you know your export session's SID and SERIAL#, you can query V$SESSION_EVENT and V$SESSION_WAIT to see where the export session is spending its time. To give you an idea, please examine a white paper on my Web site titled "Tuning an Import With Wait Events." The same concepts can be applied to your export sessions.

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