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Reducing the size of the database

We are going to change our system to Oracle next week. Our business is telecommunications, and we have to process...

an average of 200,000 records per day. The problem is this, the database size is growing too much. On the old system (Sco Unix and RM/Cobol), only 1 GB of space is allocated monthly for this process, but now it takes about 500 MB of space per day, and the question is this: is there a way to reduce the size of the Oracle databases? May be some tuning operations. We are using Oracle 91AS and Windows 2000 Advanced Server..

If you are placing 1MB of data into an Oracle table, then it will take 1MB of disk space to hold (Roughly. There is some overhead as well). You can compress indexes with the COMPRESS option (available in 8i+). Oracle does not have an option to compress data in the database. As the saying goes these days...disk is cheap. So your best bet is to buy more disk for your database server to hold your data.

Otherwise, Oracle 9i lets you store the data outside the database in a flat file and reference it as an external table. While you will still need disk requirements, you have reduced your database disk requirements.

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This was last published in June 2002

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