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Recovering lost table and data before TSPITR

Before the new way of TSPITR (8i, 9i), how did one recover a lost table and its data?

I'm attempting a 9iR2( user-managed TSPITR test. After creating auxiliary database, the export of tablespace fails with ORA-1552. Using the v$datafile, you see: C:ORADATAAUXDBUNDOTBS01.DBF ONLINE. Then using: select segment_name, tablespace_name, status from dba_rollback_segs, _SYSSMU1$ UNDOTBS1 OFFLINE. The SYSTEM LMT is online, but the instance undo segments are offline. As of now, user-managed TSPITR by exporting tablespaces is not a viable option - Metalink bug 2621039. Before the new way of TSPITR (8i,9i), how did one recover a lost table and its data?

Before TSPITR, one used Oracle exports to recover a lost table and its data. Every night, the DBA's scripts would export the entire database. To restore a lost table, one just imported from the nightly export. Unfortunately, one could not then roll forward from the time the export was taken to recover any transactions since the export up until right before the table was dropped. This shortcoming led to the introduction of TSPITR in recent Oracle releases.

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