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Recovering a 9i database

How do I recover an entire Oracle9i database including controlfile and logfiles?

How do I recover an entire Oracle9i database including controlfile and logfiles?
The method of recovery really depends on your method of backing up your database. If you use RMAN, then let RMAN figure out exactly what needs to be recovered. If you have a cold backup, and no archived redo logs, then just restore all of the datafiles, controlfiles, and online redo logs and start up the database. If you perform a cold backup or hot backup, and you have your archived redo logs, then restore the missing datafiles and control files, but do not restore the online redo logs if you have them! They will be needed in the rolling-forward phase of your recovery.

With this type of question, I often conclude that backup and recovery, especially recovery, is a new concept as far as the Oracle database is concerned. I highly recommend that you read the Oracle Backup & Recovery Guide. You can find a copy on Technet and click the Documentation tab at the top of the Web page. Access to Technet is free, but you will need to sign up for an account.

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