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Recover deleted database from data files, control files

We deleted a database from an Oracle 10g server. We have all the files. How can I recover my database from the files?

We use Oracle 10g Server. We deleted a database from the server because we have capacity problems in the server and that database seemed useless. But later we noticed that it was Requisite Pro which was using that database. Before we had deleted that database from the server, we copied all the datafiles, control files, log files to some folder. So we have all the files. Now my question is how can I recover my database back from the files again? Thanks in advance.
Was the database down when you copied the datafiles? If so, then look at the suggestions in my previous answer " Restoring database on test machine." If the database was up and running when you copied the datafiles, then you have an inconsistent backup. Without archived redo logs, you will not be able to open the database.

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