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Recommended files and version for installing Oracle DBMS

I'm fairly new to Oracle and plan to download the application onto my laptop (running Windows XP Professional) from the Oracle website. I want access to everything from the database and PL/SQL to Forms and Reports. First, would you recommend 9i or 10g? And which files do I need to download to have access to everything. Thank You!

Maybe you should consider biting off the parts in smaller increments. Trying to install a database along with the full application server will likely prove difficult, especially on Windows. It can be done, but you may be up for some challenges along the way (I don't run Windows, but I've heard others discussing their problems).

I'd start with the 10g database which will give you the ability to run PL/SQL and get familiar with the database installation. After you're comfortable with those components, you can consider the application server product which will contain the Forms and Reports components. There is a special application server download that just contains the Forms and Reports products in a standalone configuration, and that's what I'd recommend for you if those are the only products you wish to use. You'll see it on the 10g application server download page at number 12, "Oracle Application Server Forms and Reports Services v9.0.4.

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