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Receiving email notification when Oracle goes down

I want to know if there is any way to know when the Oracle database/instance goes down for to any reason.

I have RH Enterprise Linux AS3 and am running Oracle 9i. My concern is whether there is any way to know whenever the Oracle database/instance goes down due to any reason. It may generate an email to me. I simply want to stay in touch with whether Oracle is running or not, i.e., it only sends me an email alert that Oracle services are down.
There are many tools available to monitor the database services and to register an alert via page and/or email when they are not running. Enterprise Manager is obviously the most tightly integrated, but other products such as Big Brother from Quest and Nagios can do this as well. Currently I have Big Brother monitoring the existence of the smon processes of all my database instances and paging me when they are not available.

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