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Receiving ORA-12560 error trying to create database

I tried to create a database with the Database Configuration Assistant in Oracle 10g. It got to the point where it creates the scripts, runs the batch file and creates the necessary folders, but then it stops right away with an ORA-12560 error.

Hello. I'm a rookie with Oracle but I should have fared better on my first try. I've been hit by a pretty common error but none of the suggested fixes matches my case. My system is a workgroup XP SP2 with an Administrator account.
  1. I installed Oracle 10g and the patchset. Software-only mode and no errors during installation. 10gR2 is the only Oracle installation in the computer.
  2. With Database Configuration Assistant I tried to create a database. It got to the point where it creates the scripts, runs the batch file, creates the necessary folders and stops right away with an ORA-12560.
  3. No services have been created, listeners or otherwise. Just a few empty directories. My login ID has been assigned to the ora_db group automatically.
  4. The exact same procedure worked fine on my laptop.
  5. If I open a command prompt window on the generated scripts directory and run the batch file created there, it starts another command prompt, as it should, and happily starts creating the database! I interrupted it since it kept asking questions now and then that I don't have the answers to.
That's about it. Please let me know if you think of anything that can cause this. Thank you in advance.
There are reported problems with the Oracle9i DBCA creating an invalid bat file for database creation, which causes the DBCA to fail with an ORA-12560. Another possibility is that the DBCA is having problems creating the service and this also will cause the database creation to fail. The fact that you can create the database by manually running the scripts indicates to me that the service has been created and is running. If you can create a database successfully by running the scripts manually, I would suggest going that route for now. Unless you can find additional information in the DBCA or database alert logs that will help troubleshoot this problem, opening a Service Request with Oracle Support would be a good next step.

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