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Reading barcodes

Do I need any hardware or software in reading barcodes on Oracle? Please give me a code to link a textbox with the barcode... I am new to this topic (barcodes) so please bear with me.
The answer depends on what you are trying to do. You can use a third party barcode font, or add a barcode using the Oracle Graphics tool.

Third party tools:
Third party barcode fonts are advertised in computer magazines, online services and are offered in retail software stores. The fonts are operating system specific and cannot be migrated. Oracle Corporation does not sell barcode fonts, or support third party barcode fonts. If you wish to use a barcode reader, you will want to contact third-party providers.

Oracle Graphics solution:
Oracle Graphics version 2.5 and above can create barcodes for the 3-of-9 and U.S. postal barcodes. See the Advanced Mailing Label Report in the Building Reports Manual for a detailed example of how to build this report.

Oracle Reports version 2.5 offers a demonstration package to print postal barcodes on mailing labels. Two PLL files used in Oracle Graphics 2.5 to generate the 3-of-9 and U.S. postal barcodes can be found in the ORACLE_HOME/graph25/plsqllib directory.

Oracle Graphics can create barcodes for the 3-of-9 and US postal barcodes. Barcode Fonts are also available from third party software vendors.

An Oracle Graphics-generated barcode ensures portability between platforms whereas barcode fonts are faster and provide a greater range of barcode types.

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