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Reading Reports 3.0 .pdfs without the PDF Writer/Distiller

We have an Oracle Reports 3.0 that has a destination output file type as .pdf.

In another Oracle 5.0 form, we have an OLE container linked to the .pdf reader. However, unless the user generating the report has the Adobe PDF Writer/Distiller they cannot see the report output.

I understand that Forms 5.0 came packaged with a kernel to link to the .pdf writer.

You never really asked a question but from what you said, it appears your question is: Why can't .pdfs generated by Reports 3.0 be read unless the user creating the report has PDF Writer/Distiller?

Here's the best I can do with that one.... Oracle Reports has its own PDF driver that does not use many of the additional Adobe facilities such as compression nor (prior to 6i/9i) did the driver contain certain types of non-English character set languages or Unicode character sets. Therefore, if a report was created that needed any "special" features that the driver didn't include, then the only way to make the .pdf readable to other users was to run the pdf generated by Reports through Distiller to "enable" all these missing options.

Later/current versions of Forms/Reports updated the driver to use the enhanced pdf driver. My guess is that until you are generating all pdfs and reading the pdf's with the same driver, you'll have the problem you mention. But if everyone has PDF Writer/Distiller you can "get around" the problem by using Adobe's driver instead of Oracle's version.

Admittedly, I'm not "positive" that this is the problem, but it looks like it's a likely candidate. If you have a Metalink account, you can take a look at Note: 111712.1. That might shed a little more light on things.

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