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Questions about ETL and business intelligence tools

I have an Oracle 10g database that contains all the historial data for my company. Now I want to build a data warehouse by using Sybase IQ 12.5.

  1. What ETL tool should I use to ETL data from Oracle to Sybase IQ?
  2. After I build the data warehouse in Sybase IQ, what tool should I use for business intelligence?

Right now, I use ReportNet to create reports from a data warehouse, but I don't have exprience using a business intelligence tool.

Your question about ETL tools is one that will depend on your environment and organization. I have discussed ETL tools many times, and the things you need to consider when selecting one. Of course numerous tools support both Oracle and Sybase IQ. These tools are built to specifically address this type of need as it works as a central process through which any data source can communicate with any source target. As for your second question, the answer is the same. Find the business intelligence tools that are right for you and your organization. This is a mature marketplace, and there are many tools, including ReportNet, that will fully satisfy data retrieval needs.

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