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Questions about CLOB data type

This is question is related to the CLOB data type. I am fetching the resultset into JDBC and then putting the values from the resultset into Java classes for caching those CLOB. When I query from the database into JDBC, the resultset is very fast. But when I go to convert it into a string and put those CLOB values, it's taking a really long time. Is that due to poor database design for CLOB, or is there any thing we can tune to get performance at the Java level? I am using thin JDBC drivers. I hope you will suggest something to sort this thing out.

You don't give me much to go on. To convert a CLOB to a string you can use:

 int returned_chars = theClob.getChars(position, size, charBuffer);

Since the CLOB is large, you might try using an ASCII Stream:

 InputStream clobStr = theClob.getAsciiStream(); then byte retrned_bytes = clobStr.read(byteBuffer);

Reading from the stream should be faster for large CLOBs.

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