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Querying the DBA_USERS table without read rights

I'm attempting to write code (VBA) to connect to an Oracle database and query the DBA_USERS table. Our current DBA will not give the users (read) rights to the table, So I need to connect without the use of username/password, ie, 'connect internally' in SQL-Plus. Could you help out on this one?

If the DBA will not give you permission to select from the DBA_USERS view, I'm afraid you're out of luck! You asked about how to connect without the use of a username/password or "connect internally" and this is also not possible without DBA intervention/permissions. To use connect internal you need DBA level access.

You can however access a dictionary view called user_users, which contains identical columns (except password) for the currently logged in users only. Any data dictionary view beginning with user_ is accessible by each user and holds information specific to their account. Depending on what you're trying to do, this table could possibly suffice.

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