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Query of a view returning repeating records

I'm trying to create a view based on three tables: a master table and two child tables. The two child tables are...

independent, but they are related to the master table through a foreign key, When I query the view, Oracle gives the results repeating for each table the number of records from the other table.

An example would have been nice to better diagnose the problem....

Your problem doesn't have to do with the view, but the underlying query of the view. In particular, make sure that you pay attention to your WHERE clause, which specifies how the join is to take place. Since you are joining three tables, you need to specify two join conditions in the WHERE clause.

For instance, suppose I have three tables, A,B, and C. To further match your example, assume that table A is the "master" table and tables B and C are the "child" tables. My WHERE clause might look something like the following:

WHERE A.b_id = B.id
  AND A.c_id = C.id
  AND (add other limiting conditions here)
Make sure that your WHERE clause is correct.

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This was last published in February 2003

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