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Problems with web cache on Oracle 9i Application Server

The web cache in my Oracle 9i Application Server Business Intelligence Forms installer intermittently serves up the network apology page when accessing the Portal web site from a browser on the mid-tier server itself. Also, when the portal is accessed from a browser other than the mid-tier server, the web cache crashes every time. So I cannot access the portal from any other machine other than the mid-tier server itself. Is this issue familiar to you at all? Any ideas on what could cause this behavior?
Sorry, I have not seen this kind of behavior from the web cache. Look in the Web cache logs located in /webcache/logs for information. Try bypassing the web cache and communicating directly with the origin server. My web cache is on 7779 and my origin server is on 7778. By directly addressing 7778 instead of 7779 I can bypass the web cache. If the OHS serves your forms correctly then you probably have a configuration issue with the web cache.

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