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Problems with remote connections to iSQL*Plus

I have personal Oracle on my home computer (fortunately with 512MB RAM) and am trying out things. Within my local network I can access iSQL*Plus, and from my computer I can enter the dynamic IP that is assigned to me by my ISP, but others can't. I'm not sure I have everything set up properly in all the .conf files because I'm not a networking person, and when I set everything up I didn't really understand SIDs and all that other stuff. So far things work except from some remote location not on my network. Is it possible to do this?

If you can access iSQL*Plus locally, then you know that you have it configured correctly to access your local database. But others are clearly having a problem. The first thing I'd check is to ensure that others can ping your machine. It is possible that your ISP is using Network Address Translation (NAT) and that others won't be able to even see your machine. If they can see your machine, see if they can access your Web server. A lot of ISPs turn off the ability to server Web pages so that people don't kill the ISP by setting up personal Web sites.

I suspect the problem is with your ISP, not iSQL*Plus. iSQL*Plus is designed to access a database from anywhere on the Internet, provided you can access the Web server on that machine.

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