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Problems with database upgrade

Hi Brian,
I just tried to upgrade my 8.1.5 databases on a Windows NT 4.0 sp4 box to 8.1.6 using Oracle's documentation. Here's what I did.

  1. Took cold backups and exports
  2. Deinstalled 8.1.5
  3. Installed 8.1.6 into what used to be the 8.1.5 home (D:oracleora81)
  4. Tried to use the Data Migration Assistant and kept getting the message: ORacle database is already 8.1.6, which didn't seem right to me. Canceled it.
  5. Using svrmgrl, I connected internal and ran u0801050.sql script along with the cat* scripts.
  6. However, I couldn't connect because I was getting TNS-12545 errors. The tnsnames.ora and the listener.ora files have not been changed and neither has the init.ora.
  7. Used ORADIM to delete and recreate the instances and still couldn't connect. Now when I type SVRMGRL at the command line, I get the TNS: no protocol message.

Q. What do you suppose could be going wrong? Any tip or referral would be tremendously appreciated.

It sounds to me like things have been really balled up here. There is lots going on behind the scenes on Windows platforms with Oracle, and I'm talking about the Windows Registry. You have a very good chance that there are Registry problems. If I was in your position, then I'd wipe the machine clean of Oracle and reinstall the software. Then I'd create a new database, and then I'd import the old database. Basically, follow these steps:

  1. Start REGEDIT, the Registry Editor.
  2. Navigate to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftware directory.
  3. Delete the Oracle subtree.
  4. Delete the ORACLE_HOME directory on disk.
  5. Delete the C:Program FilesOracle directory on disk.
  6. Reinstall the Oracle 8.1.6 software.
  7. Use the Database Configuration Assistant to create an empty database.
  8. Do a full import of your export file.

That should solve your problems!

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