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Problems with Forms migrating from Oracle 8i to 10g

I would like to migrate from Oracle 8i (8.1.7 for Window NT 4.0) to Oracle 10g. I am running Developer 2000, Forms, and Reports We also have an ERP system that was developed in house. Everything is currently working fine.

For testing purpose, we have downloaded Oracle 10g from Oracle's site and installed Oracle 10g on another computer. I migrated the database using Export/Import from Oracle 8.1.7 to 10g. The installation and database migration went successfully, and my ERP application is running successfully.

Now if I make any changes in my any Forms ( and compile it, or just recompile (without any changes) any forms, it gives the following error code:

ora-00600 internal error code, arguments [17069], [39843448],[],[]...

Error due to accessing of synonyms.  

In any schema, if we use following code in forms, it will not compile:


	a  date;

	select sysdate into a from dual;

But, the above code will run correctly in any version of SQL*Plus(8.0.5, 8.1.7, 10.1.0). We have also tried to solve the above problem by dropping synonyms and recreate them, but the problem remains same. Please advise me whether Oracle 10g and Forms ( is compatible or not.

I believe that Forms relies on the 8.0.6 (or possibly 8.0.5) technology stack. The Oracle 8.0.6 client is not a supported client for 10g databases, so I think that compatibility is probably at the root of your problem. In fact, only 8.1.7 and higher clients are supported for connection to a 10.x database.

If you wanted to test, you could download the Internet Developer Suite 10g which comes with Forms 10g and Reports 10g and try to migrate a few forms to that new version. The only issue there may be is that I don't think that IDS 10g is supported on Windows NT, so you may need to find a workstation that is running a newer Windows release in order to do the test.

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