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Problems trying to connect Sybase and Oracle

I am trying to use generic connectivity through heterogeneous services to use ODBC to access data from a Sybase database via Oracle. I find the Oracle documentation to be somewhat unclear and I have not been able to get databases to connect.

I have set up the ODBC drivers for Sybase on the Oracle server. I have configured the initHS_SID.ora file for ODBC.

My questions come deal with the listner.ora file and the database link. In listener.ora for an HS agent, I assumed the application hsodbc is the correct parameter for PROGRAM. Is this so, or is the agent some other piece of software.

Next, for the database link the example does not specify a Connect to username identified by password clause. Is it necessary, and if it is, can Oracle be forced to recognize lower case login ids? Any help you provide would be greatly appreciated.

I've never set up Heterogenous Services myself. But I can answer the database link question. A username and password are not required for a database link. But you can provide them. If you do not provide a userid/password, then Oracle assumes your current session's userid/password. You can for lower case logins to be recognized by placing them in double quotes.

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