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Problems migrating Oracle 8.1.7 from Windows NT 4 to Windows 2003 Active Directory

We are currently migrating from an Windows NT 4 architecture to Windows 2003 Active Directory. The domain name is therefore changing. When we attempted to migrate our Oracle 8.1.7 box we ran into problems. All the Oracle processes start up but not the actual database. There is an ORA-27101 error message. What changes are necessary to make to Oracle setup files to allow smooth migration?

27101, 00000, "shared memory realm does not exist"
// *Cause: Unable to locate shared memory realm
// *Action: Verify that the realm is accessible

This error message indicates that you have some systemic issue. I'm going to take a guess and say that it may be related to the fact that 8.1.7 isn't supported on Windows 2003. From memory, the first Oracle database version that was supported on Windows 2003 Server was (that's with the patchset applied -- the patchset is required for Windows 2003 support). Before anyone can help, you'll probably have to upgrade the database to a supported release.

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