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Problems installing Oracle 9i on Windows 2000 server

I was installing Oracle 9i database on Windows 2000 server. During installation, I got one error while loading ORACLE DATABASE CONFIGURATION ASSISTANT. The error was "problem in loading OracleBase_queries," so I had to skip the installation of this component.

Afterwards the installation went fine, but in the end it gave this message "installation was unsuccessful." Then I saw that the service called OracleServiceSID was not created during the installation (I selected a different home for Oracle 9i), but the other services such as HTTP, LISTENER, OLAP, SNMP etc. are there. I also have Oracle 8i on the same machine, and right now there are two listeners -- one for 8i (on port 1521) and one for 9i (on port 1522).

After reconfiguruing the listener for 9i to port 1522, I tried to individually install the DB CONFIG ASSISTANT, but it again gave the same error. When I sign in using the following, it gives error:

 G:sqlplus /nolog
 SQL>connect /as sysdba
 error: service not initialized
Now I terribly need help because I did the installation after reading the documentation.

You'll have to create your Windows service to get the database up and running. The ORADIM command can be used to create the service. The format is as follows:


is your database SID.
is the password for the INTERNAL user.
is MANUAL or AUTO and indicates how the service will start on server reboot.
is you init.ora file (complete with directory name).

Once the service has been created, start it. At that time, you database will be up and running.

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