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Problems creating new tablespace

I am having a problem with the creation of a new tablespace on the BW QA system. Everything was okay with the creation of the tablespace on the DEV and PRD systems for BW. On the QA system, it wanted a SID as part of the naming convention. For example, PSAP COP for the tablespace. On DEV and PRD BW system, it didn't ask for that. Also, on the QA system, I got the message, "Cannot be inserted into the ABAP-DDIC." What would be the difference between the QA system and the DEV/PRD system? The product is SAP BW 3.1, Database Oracle 9.2, and the operating system is Solaris 9. Please advise. Thanks.
You've included an Oracle version, but you've neglected any error message. There are a large number of reasons why you are not able to create your tablespace. Rather than guessing at what is causing your problem, I'd like you to repost your question. This time, run your CREATE TABLESPACE command and post both the exact command you used, and your error message that you received.

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