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Problems connecting to iSQL*PLUS

When I click on TARGETS|DATABASES|TESTDB|ISQL*PLUS I get the following error message: "HTTP 404 NOT FOUND."

My operating system is Windows 2003 with a Dell Poweredge Server. My Oracle database is OEM 10g R2 Grid Control. The database instance is TESTDB. I can connect to Application Server and Grid Control Console without problems. My problem is:
  1. When I click on TARGETS|DATABASES|TESTDB|ISQL*PLUS I am on the pannel "ISQ*PLUS Connection Role" which provides me the choice to connect as NORMAL or SYSOPER or SYSDBA. Selecting any of these choices and then clicking on start gives me the following error message: "HTTP 404 NOT FOUND."
  2. I also tried to see where the "isqlplusctl" utility is located, and I could not find it. I installed "OEM 10g R2" without any problem, but this utility is not installed. I looked for it using "search" utility command but in vain.
  3. I tried to look for "isqlplusctl" at F:<OracleHomes>bin but it is not there.
  4. I looked for the "Oracle<oraclehomes>isql*plus" service by clicking "START|CONTROL PANEL|ADMINISTRATIVE TOOLS|SERVICES" but did not find the named service.
What should I do to find the "isqlplusctl" or the service "Oracle<oraclehomes>isql*plus"? What to do so that the "isql*plus" should be executed for all three options "NORMAL," "SYSOPER" and "SYSDBA"?
On the Windows platform, you should use the service to stop and start iSQL*Plus. In Oracle 10g, the iSQL*Plus Application Server is responsible for iSQL*Plus. In Windows, when Oracle 10g Database is installed, the iSQL*Plus Application Server is installed as a Windows service named "Oracle<OracleHomeName>iSQL*Plus" where "<OracleHomeName>" refers to the name of the Oracle Home provided during the Oracle 10g Database installation. The isqlplusctl utility is a UNIX command-line utility used to stop and start iSQL*Plus.

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