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Problems after installing Oracle 9i over Red Hat 9

I am new to Oracle. I have installed Oracle 9i over Red Hat 9. The problem is when I try to start Oracle it works until mount but fails while opening. Checking the alert log, I see ORA-01403: no data found ORA-1092 signaled during: ALTER DATABASE OPEN. What I understand is ORA-01403 is due to corruption of sys.props$ and ORA-1092 is due to missing ORAPW env variables. If I recreate a database, how do I make sure sys.props$ is not getting corrupted and how do I ensure right ORAPW env variables?
If you use the database configuration assistant (DBCA) you should not run into these problems. I have never had these problems when using the DBCA on any platform (including Linux). You should also know that while many people use Oracle on Red Hat 9, it is not a supported platform. I doubt that the OS you're using has anything to do with the errors you're seeing, but if you continue to have problems, you might consider repeating your steps on a supported platform to ensure that your creation steps are valid.

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