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Problem with UTL_FILE_DIR

We are running Oracle Applications 10.7 NCA, utilizing Oracle 7.3.4 DB on HP-UX 10.20. As part of an upgrade, we have moved our DB to a separate server running HPUX 11.0, and we upgraded the DB to Oracle The only (and big) problem we have encountered is that all code written using UTL_FILE_DIR will no longer work since the DB is now remote to where the requests are running. If we could us NFS to mount a filesystem from the 10.20 server, this would work fine. Due to security issues with NFS, we can not use that feature. Are there any other options we could use to make a 10.20 filesystem available to the 11.0 system, that would be more secure that NFS?
I tried a couple different approaches to this, and I can't find a way within Oracle to accomplish this using UTL_FILE_DIR to a different machine. Your only other option would be to automate a job that uses rcp or ftp.

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