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Problem using imp/exp function from OMS

I am trying to use the imp/exp function from the Orale Manager Server (OMS) GUI. I am using the sysman account...

to log in, and I am using the sys as sysdba to do the imp/exp. However I am still not successful. I am getting a job fail status. Any ideas about what to do?

It would be a bit easier to help if you'd given the complete error message, the version of OEM, the version of Oracle you're using and the OS (Windows, Solaris, etc). But since you didn't, I'll tell you that sometimes problems occur when running on Windows OS and trying to execute exp from within OEM. See Metalink note: 1064607.6 if you have a Metalink account. If not, here's a bit of what it says:

"Export jobs run via the OEM job system will run properly on a Windows NT server only if the database services are started prior to the Intelligent Agent Services. Start the Windows NT database services before starting the agent services. With the database services running, stop and start the agent and then resubmit the job. As a long term solution, create service groups for the database & Listener services and for the agent service and add them to the Service Group Order List as described in Pr:1043592.6 and PrSol:2090252.6. "

Again, I don't know if this will help, but it's the best I can do with limited info on your exact situation. If this doesn't fit, please send more info and I'll try again! :)

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This was last published in February 2003

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