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Problem installing Oracle Forms 6i

I am trying to install Oracle Forms 6i on my home computer and I keeping getting path.vrf(86): Unbound variable 'path_too_long_promt'. What is the problem?
The problem: The vrf file (version analysis script) checks the length of the path in the autoexec.bat file. The error occurs if the path in the autoexec.bat file is greater than 127 characters.

Depending upon your Windows version, you will need to check the length of your default path. If your path is set in an autoexec.bat file, open the autoexec.bat file and make sure that the does not exceed 127 characters.

Otherwise, for example in XP, go to Start->Control Panel->System Select the Advanced tab, then Environment Variables in the lower left of the screen (under startup and recovery). The Environment Variables screen has two sections, User variables and System Variables. Under System Variables, you should see a Path variable. You may need to scroll down to see it. Select Edit to check the path. For instance, mine is C:oracleora92bin;C:Program FilesOraclejre1.3.1bin;C:Program FilesOraclejre1.1.8bin;%SystemRoot%system32;%SystemRoot%;%SystemRoot%system32WBEM.

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