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Problem installing Oracle 8i on Pentium 4 machine

I installed Oracle 8i on my computer which is a Pentium 4, 1.7 gigahertz machine with 256 + 128 megabytes RAM, running Windows XP Service Pack 1. After that I installed Oracle Developer 6i but I was unable to get connectivity. Local Expert told me to format a partition and install Windows on a single dim with either 256 or 128 megabytes and then install both 8i and Developer 6i. After that time, I have installed Windows XP and 2000 more than 50 times, but whenever I put my Oracle 8i CD in the CD-ROM drive and double click the setup file, I just see my mouse cursor busy; nothing happens nor does any screen apprear with any kind of error.

There was a possiblity that my CD was corrupted, but I installed with that CD on my friend's system, and it was fine. The problem is with Oracle 8i not with Developer 6i. Please help me out. I am still working on a single dim and have a fresh installation of Windows XP with Service Pack 1. There is no worm or any virus on my system, so the problem is beyond of my range.

Kindly help me out; I have to submit my project within 20 days and I have to complete my front end.

There's a known issue with the Oracle Installer version and earlier (which is the version bundled with the 8.1.x CDs). It has a known issue on Pentium 4 CPUs that causes the installer to fail. There's a workaround in MetaLink Note 131299.1 and probably on many sites on the internet if you search for it. The issue is likely not with the amount or type of RAM you have on your system.

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