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Problem installing 9i server on Win XP: Error ORA-12533

I have installed Oracle 9i server on my P-III 450Mhz PC running on Win XP (40GB HD and 128 MB RAM). While loading the database during installation it gave me an error "the logical block size is not a multiple of a page". However I finished the installation, as the database could be loaded manually through enterprise console. Then I tried to load a database for which I had given a name during installation but I could not locate it. I loaded the option that Oracle gave me "EXTPROC_CONNECTION_DATA" but I cannot log on to it using "Scott/Tiger as username/password. I get an error "ORA-12533 TNS illegal address parameters. I have installed Oracle 9i on my home PC (stand-alone) as a server (with 1 client). It is quite possible that I am doing it all wrong, and I will much appreciate if you could help me resolve this problem and/or suggest a name of a book that teaches me how to install/load a database and work with forms and developer tools. I am pretty good at SQL and need no help on that. Thanks for your help in advance.

You didn't specify which version of Windows XP you are using (Home or Professional). Since you are using this at home, I'm assuming you are using Win XP Home. Unfortunately, Oracle 9i is only certified on the Professional version of Win XP. Upgrade your OS to Win XP Pro and you shouldn't have any problems. After you've succesfully installed Oracle 9i on Win XP Pro, use the Net8 Assistant to correctly configure your connection (which will get rid of the ORA-12533 error).

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