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Problem accessing Oracle10g OEM from a browser

I am currently experiencing a problem when accessing the 10g OEM from a browser. The browser complains that "The page cannot be displayed." It was all working fine before I had to change the domain name specified in the host file in directory "C:WINDOWSsystem32driversetc". The brower based ISQL*plus Web site wasn't working originally as well as connection to the database using JDBC from a program. However, after I edited the tnsnames.ora and listener.ora files I was able to successfully access ISQL (brower based) and I can connect successfully as well using JDBC. I could not resolve this issue with the enterprise manager. I tried using an IP address instead but I still had the same problem. I know the change in domain name setting created the problem, but I don't know what files to update to make the OEM work. What should I do?
I'd first make sure that your hosts file has an alias listed for the hostname as well as hostname.domainname. From your description, you said that you changed the domain name. I'd just make sure that you also have the "short" hostname of your server mapped to the same address. So, if you have something like this now: dbserver.mynewdomain.com

I'd change it to look like this: dbserver.mynewdomain.com dbserver

If you already have a setup like that, then you'll probably need to change the emd.properties and emoms.properties files (found in $ORACLE_HOME/ _ /sysman/config on Linux--should be same on Windows). They each contain the hostname of the system and I'm pretty sure you'll need to change them to include the domain name as well.

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