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Primary and secondary database hardware requirements

What are the Oracle 9i standby database hardware requirements? I know that the primary and the standby databases...

need to be the same base release level. But, do they have to be the same edition of the database, i.e. can the primary be the enterprise edition and the standby be the standard edition of the same release? Do they have to be of the same O/S, i.e. can the primary be installed on SUN Solaris and the standby be on Linux? And lastly, if the standby database is just sitting in a standby mode do I have to buy another license for the standby database?

I believe that the primary and standby database must both be Enterprise Edition. They do not need to be the same OS, so long as you transport the archived redo logs through TCP/IP. If you transport the logs through a crossmount, then they should be the same OS. And yes, you will have to buy a license for the standby database, even if it is sitting in standby mode. But check with your Oracle Sales representative to be sure.

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This was last published in July 2002

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