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Performing a hot backup with RMAN

How can I do a hot backup using RMAN?

How can I do a hot backup using RMAN?
There are no special techniques required to perform a hot backup with RMAN. To perform a hot backup, simply do the following with your database up and running:

connect target user/pswd@tnsalias
connect catalog user/pswd@tnsalias
run {
   allocate channel .....
   backup database;

Starting in Oracle 9i, you can configure default channels so the ALLOCATE CHANNEL command is unnecessary. Additionally, in 9i and higher, the RUN brackets are optional. This means that you can get by with a simple BACKUP DATABASE command to perform your hot backup.

I have some RMAN notes on my Web site in the White Papers section. These notes are somewhat dated, so after you've gone through the document, please read the Oracle documentation on RMAN.

This was last published in September 2005

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