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Performing a cold backup

I'm trying to perform a cold backup using Oracle 8.1.5. I've installed Oracle on a Windows XP, and restored the Oracle backup on this machine. I've connected with one of the users (not sys or internal) with its password from our old backup and received the following error: "ora-06553:pls-707 : unsupported construct or internal error[2603] error accessing package dbms_application_info error ora-06553 pls-707 unsupported construct or internal[2603]"

I have also tried to run the scripts, "catalog.sql" and "catproc.sql", as well as "standard.sql." It didn't work. What would you recommend that I try next?

First, 8.1.7 is not supported on Windows XP, so maybe your issues are related to that.

Second, if you restored an 8.1.5 database and started an 8.1.7 instance to use that database without performing a proper upgrade, then that's likely your issue. You should review the 8.1.7 migration guide and follow the proper upgrade path for 8.1.5->8.1.7. That will likely involve running the script u0801050.sql against your 8.1.5 database.

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