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Performance statistics for Oracle 9i on Solaris

I am trying to locate information regarding performance statistics for Oracle 9i on Solaris. I am looking for generic figures for, say, 1 million rows inserts, updates, deletes, with and without indexes, etc. I understand that several factors like memory, CPUs, row length, etc., can affect performance, however some guidelines may help me. I have several tables being loaded with 60 million rows per night, and I need to get the numbers to compare my test results to them.

Your best bet is to do your own benchmarking, on your own hardware. As you note, there are so many variables that comparing your performance to any sort of "standard" will be more or less meaningless. Set up a test to do inserts on a machine with no other activity, fast disks, and plenty of memory. Get an average time for insert of a single row, and use that as your standard.

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