Performance problems in Unix vs. Windows

We are running into performance issues with some SQL queries on Unix. The queries did not take long in Windows. Is it a hardware issue?

Hi Paul,

I am developer and I am in the process of implementing a third-party application that was developed with an Oracle back end running on Windows. At our company, Oracle is running on Unix. We are running into performance issues with some SQL queries. I believe that these queries are dynamic SQL queries. When executing these queries on Windows Oracle, it took two seconds. On Unix Oracle, it took nearly seven minutes. I am at a loss as is our DBA. On the Unix box, I was told that we have a big box, 8 CPU with 266 MHz RAM speed and 64 GB of RAM. On the Windows 2003 platform, we have a 3 GHz with 8 GB of RAM at a speed of 600 Mhz.

  1. Obviously, the hardware setups are very different, but could this have caused such a wide difference in performance?
  2. Are there any performance-related issues that are specific to the two platforms that we should watch out for and ways to mitigate the issues?
  3. I am not a hardware expert but is the RAM speed above sufficient for the Unix box?
Thank you in advance!
There are potentially any number of configuration differences between two databases. I would suggest that you capture the optimizer plans of the subject queries on each platform to see how they are executed. You could also trace the execution of the queries on each system to see how time is being spent. It is most likely that the performance delta is due to some factor other than the raw hardware specs. You don't mention the Oracle version, but if it is 9i, look into tracing via dbms_support; if 10g, use dbms_monitor.

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