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Performance issues in Oracle 9i

An Oracle user asks if upgrading their database to 10g will help solve performance and space management issues in Oracle 9i.

I am an SAP administrator working on Oracle databases and in charge of database administration.

As customers used to manage databases without archiving, we are currently requested to reorganize databases as online operations, as indexes rebuilding or tablespaces reorganization (not talking about LONGROW objects).

Note that such a request is required to reduce/manage database growth what causes space management and/or performance issues.

What do you recommend? Even upgrading to Oracle 10G, the same issues could occur in the future, couldn't they? Thanks in advance for your insight.

Just upgrading to 10g will not change anything. If you have performance issues in 9i, then 10g will still have the same performance issues. Similarly, if you have space issues in 9i, an upgrade to 10g will not change that. However, implementing sound database design will reduce your performance issues. Implementing sound storage design will eliminate your storage issues as well. Without knowing more about your specific issues, I cannot make any further recommendations.

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